Dong-A Pharmaceutical

Research Areas

Dedicating our focus to medicines,
we researches Total Health Care Solutions for consumers.

To address consumer discomfort, we continually refine our products and explore and implement various formulation technologies across industries.
  • Product development based on unmet consumer needs

    To address the discomfort consumers often feel with stickiness, application, and odor while using topical external preparations, we have improved the user experience by incorporating plant additives and cosmetic emulsification technology.

  • Drug Delivery System Research

    We are conducting research on drug delivery system and drug release control to develop personalized therapies tailored to individual health conditions, age, and gender.

    • Includes a variety of drugs
    • Timely effectiveness
    • Dosage Adjustment
‘Consumer wants’ are the basis of our materials research.
We identify the functional materials consumers wants and develop scientifically proven high-value materials
  • Functional Ingredients and Product Development.

    We explore new functional ingredients based on natural substances, validate their efficacy, ensure safety, and then commercialize them. We research various pipelines for immune, respiratory, oral health, and more.

  • Beneficial Microorganisms for the Human Body

    We research substances produced during microbial cultivation and fermentation processes.
    The ‘EPS fermentation technology' stands as a our R&D achievement.

  • Natural preservatives

    We improve the appearance of food and derive natural preservatives that align with nutritional elements through exploratory research on various additives by raw material.

  • Low Food Research

    Through research on sugars forming the basic framework of formulations, we design various low-sugar formulas (liquid, powder, solid, film, etc.).

We're studying drug delivery systems to enhance product
convenience and maximize efficacy.
  • Enhancing Drug Penetration Effectiveness into the Skin's Stratum Corneum

    Athlete's foot typically treated with antifungal medication, but in cases of chronic keratinization, achieving effective drug penetration remains difficult even with long-term administration. We have developed a patented formulation1)Korean Patent Publication No. 10-1690765 "Transdermal formulation comprising antifungal agent" enabling terbinafine to effectively penetrate keratinocytes, demonstrating superior drug penetration and skin retention effects compared to our existing products2).DA 5505: A Novel Topical Formulation of Terbinafine That Enhances Skin Penetration and Retention, Chem. Pharm. Bull. 63, 525–530 (2015) Additionally, excellent therapeutic effects against infections have been confirmed in preclinical evaluations.3)Korean Patent Publication No. 10-1690765 "Transdermal formulation comprising antifungal agent"

    The Mechanism of Action of TERBINEW GEL
    • 1) Korean Patent Publication No. 10-1690765 "Transdermal formulation comprising antifungal agent"
    • 2) DA 5505: A Novel Topical Formulation of Terbinafine That Enhances Skin Penetration and Retention, Chem. Pharm. Bull. 63, 525–530 (2015)
    • 3) Therapeutic effects of a novel DA5505 formulation on a guinea pig model of tinea pedis, Dermatologica Sinica, Volume 35, Issue 2, June 2017, Pages 59-65
  • Enhanced Skin Penetration Effects through Lipid Nano Particles

    We are researching Lipid Nano Particles that use naturally derived lipids and polyglyceryl-based surfactants, skin components ceramides, and phosphatidylcholine as stabilizers.1)Enhanced skin permeability and retention of pH-sensitive natural lipid nanoparticles. Cosmetic Journal Korea., June 2023, page 106. We have confirmed the stability improvement effect on unstable pharmaceutical substances such as retinol, the excellent skin penetration effect, and the retention effect in the skin.

    Schematic diagram of the structure of LNPs and expected skin penetration
    Retinol penetration effects by particle
    • 1) Enhanced skin permeability and retention of pH-sensitive natural lipid nanoparticles. Cosmetic Journal Korea., June 2023, page 106.
Through a scientific flavor profile analysis system and specialized sensory panel evaluation system, we develop diverse and novel flavors and fragrances, delivering a fresh and delightful experience for our products.
  • We use aroma profile analysis and a specialized sensory panel evaluation system to incorporate optimal sensory elements for each product.
  • Garglin has been beloved for a long time by applying various scents preferred by consumers.
  • Launched in 1961, Bacchus has established itself as a Korean's representative energy drink with its distinctive flavor.
Impurities present in medicines can have serious side effects on the human body even in tiny amounts. Dong-A Pharmaceutical continuously develops state-of-the-art evaluation techniques capable of detecting even minute impurities, managing them below regulatory thresholds to ensure the quality of pharmaceuticals.
  • Apply a total analysis solution

    We have both the equipment and technology required to detect impurities. We meticulously control and manage impurities, surpassing regulatory guidelines to ensure public health protection. protection.

    Drug Impurity
    Profiling Technique
    1. 01 Screening
    2. 02 Analysis
    3. 03 Library
    4. 04 Identify
  • Analytical Capabilities

    In 2023, R&D Center participated in the Food Analysis Performance Assessment Scheme organized by the UK FERA and received a Satisfactory rating for high accuracy in the trace elements (magnesium and calcium)

We pursue sustainable research that considers both human and environmental well-being throughout the entire process, from product development stages to consumer use and disposal.
  • Substituting Synthetic Additives

    We are making efforts to use environmentally friendly ingredients by conducting research on replacing and eliminating synthetic additives, flavors, and dyes, aiming to promote consumer health

  • Adoption of Eco-Friendly Containers and Packaging Materials

    We are striving to replace containers and packaging materials with options that allow for recycling without compromising product quality. We are applying various materials such as biodegradable plastics, biomass packaging, and recycled pulp to a wide range of products