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Customer Centered

Dong-A Pharmaceutical
practices customer-centered management (CCM).

CCM Message

Dong-A Pharmaceutical embarked on its journey in Consumer Centered Management with the certification of the Consumer Complaints Management System (CCMS) in 2011, the precursor to Consumer Centered Management (CCM). By 2023, the company achieved the prestigious honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame for CCM, solidifying its reputation as an exceptional entity in consumer-centered management, both domestically and internationally. The Hall of Fame for CCM specifically recognizes companies that have acquired CCM certification at least seven times and maintained it for over 12 years. In a landmark achievement, Dong-A Pharmaceutical was formally recognized for its contributions to promoting consumer rights in 2016, becoming the first pharmaceutical company to be awarded a presidential commendation on Consumer Day.

At the heart of Dong-A Pharmaceutical's social responsibility lies consumer-centered management. We are dedicated to making products that are not only essential but also bring complete satisfaction to our customers. Furthermore, we will approach all activities with a customer-centered perspective, cultivating a culture that revolves around the consumer. Our commitment to consumer-centered management will be consistently strengthened through continuous enhancements in our management activities.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical pledges to consistently stand up as a company that safeguards the health of the people, remaining by their side in every circumstance.

Operating System
Operational Organization
Customer Consultation Procedure
  1. 1. Customer inquiries and consultations are routed through various channels to the Customer Satisfaction Team*
  2. 2. Requests and consultations received are forwarded to the manager of the relevant department for processing.
  3. 3. The manager will then contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions.
  1. 01 Receive customer inquiry

  2. 02 Check the management officer

  3. 03 Notify the related manager

  4. 04 Handle inquiries

  5. 05 Call the customer

  6. 06 Complete a response to the customer

Customer Inquiry and Consultation Channels
  • Online
    1:1 Inquiry

    Hours of Operation: 24/7

    We are happy to receive and advise you on any complaints or inquiries you may have.

  • By Phone

    Consultation Hours:
    Weekdays: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, legal holidays,
    and regular holidays

  • By Mail

    Customer Satisfaction Team, Dong-A Pharmaceuticals, 64 Cheonho-daero, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

    Send us a letter at the address above.

Consumer Support Policy
Framework Act on Consumers

In South Korea, the eight rights of consumers have been codified in law to protect consumers, who are relatively weak compared to businesses. By protecting the rights of consumers through the Framework Act on Consumers, we are not only protecting consumers but also promoting the healthy development of the national economy.

Framework Act on Consumers [Effective Date: Dec. 30, 2021] [Act No. 17799, issued on Dec. 29, 2020, amending other laws]. Enforcement Decree of the Framework Act on Consumers [Effective Date: Sept. 22, 2023] [Presidential Decree No. 33702, issued on Sept. 12, 2023, amending other laws]. Consumer Disputes Resolution Standards

If compensation is required for claims (product defects and side effects), it will be handled in accordance with the Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards notified by the Fair Trade Commission (FTC).

Parental leave users
Category Dispute Type Resolution Standards
Medicines, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and personal care products Foreign body was mixed in Product exchange or refund of purchase price
Improper content or size
Deterioration or decay
Expiration date has passed
Insufficient capacity
Poor quality, performance, or functionality
Damage caused by defective containers Reimbursement for medical treatment, expenses, and lost income
Side effects
Insufficient quantity Provision of insufficient quantity

(soft drinks, nourishing food)

Insufficient content or capacity Product exchange or refund of purchase price
Decay or deterioration
Shelf life has passed
Foreign body was mixed in
Side effects Reimbursement for medical treatment, expenses, and lost income
Injuries caused by defective containers
Consumer Disputes Resolution Standards [Effective Date: Dec. 28, 2022] [Fair Trade Commission Notice No. 2022-25, issued on Dec. 28, 2022., partially revised] Relief of Injury from Side Effects of Drugs

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has been fully implementing the Relief of Injury from Side Effects of Drugs project since December 19, 2014. This project pays death benefits, disability benefits, medical expenses, and funeral expenses to patients who suffer death, disability, or illness due to adverse side effects of medicines.

Introduction of Relief of Injury from Side Effects of Drugs Regulations on Relief of Injury from Side Effects of Drugs [Effective Date: Dec. 20, 2022] [Presidential Decree No. 33112, issued on Dec. 20, 2022., amending other laws] Enforcement Rule of the Regulations on Relief of Injury from Side Effects of Drugs [Effective Date: June 29, 2023] [Prime Ministerial Decree No. 1889, June 29, 2023., partially revised]
Operational Activities
Introduction of CCM
What is CCM (Customer Centered Management)?

CCM is a system that evaluates and certifies whether a company organizes all its activities from a consumer perspective, focuses on the consumer, and continuously improves related management activities. ※Grounds: Article 20 – 2 – 4 of the Framework Act on Consumers

  • Voice
    of Consumers
  • LSP Leadership
    • Service
    • Product Planning
    • Purchase
    • Production
    • Logistics
    • Promotion
    • Sales
    • Quality
  • Increasing
    consumer rights
Expected effect of CCM
  1. 1. For consumers Securing consumer rights

    Providing information on the criteria for selecting products and services

    Reasonably resolving problems between companies and consumers in accordance with the CCM operating system

  2. 2. For companies Increasing corporate value

    Raising awareness of consumer rights among CEOs and employees

    Improving internal and external competitiveness by continuously improving products and services from a consumer perspective

  3. 3. For the public sector Reducing social costs

    Reducing social costs through post-dispute resolution and administrative measures

    Contributing to the spread of coexistence culture between companies and consumers by creating a virtuous circle of a consumer-centered market

CCM Certification and Operating Authorities
Introduction of CCM
Dong-A Pharmaceutical practices customer-centered management.
  • Attitude of
  • Quick
  • Active

As a CCM certified company,

  1. 1
    We proactively listen to the voices of consumers.

    CCM-certified companies reflect consumer feedback starting from the product planning stage.

  2. 2
    We resolve consumer issues very quickly!

    CCM-certified companies have a system to handle consumer complaints swiftly and reasonably.

  3. 3
    We communicate with our consumers proactively!

    CCM-certified companies use online and offline channels to communicate with consumers and provide useful information.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical's CCM Certificate
  • 2011 (1st)

  • 2013 (2nd)

  • 2015 (3rd)

  • 2017 (4th)

  • 2019 (5th)

  • 2021 (6th)

Dong-A Pharmaceutical's Award History
  • 2016 Presidential Citation

  • 2019 Fair Trade Commission Citation

  • 2019 Fair Trade
    Commission Citation

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