Dong-A Pharmaceutical


We will fulfill our social responsibility
with regard to health, people, the environment, and our community.

CSR Strategy and Operating System

Dong-A Pharmaceutical will fulfill its corporate social responsibility grounded in the philosophy of social contribution that practices 'growing together.' We conduct social contribution projects across health, people, environment, and community sectors, fostering a culture of voluntary employee participation. Striving for a sustainable future, Dong-A Pharmaceutical will endeavor to create social value and address societal challenges through CSR activities. We aim to coexist with the earth, taking a leadership role in resolving various environmental issues while growing alongside local communities.

    for the health and
    happiness of humanity
  • Mission Creating social Value
    and sustainable business
    environment through CSR
  • CSR
    Fulfilling social
Growing together
CSR Core Areas
  • FOR
    Efforts to develop talents
  • FOR
    Efforts to grow with the
  • FOR ENVIRONMENT Efforts for coexistence between humans and the planet
  • FOR
    Efforts for human health and happiness
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Tour Korea for College Students

Tour Korea for College Students is an event in which 144 college students (72 male and 72 female) walk across South Korea for 20 days and 21 nights. This event was created by late Honorary Chairman Kang Shin-Ho to give college students the opportunity to develop the mental strength to overcome themselves and to experience first-hand the importance of caring for others and comradeship.

Since 2017, the cumulative distance walked by participants from the first to the 20th event has exceeded 11,000 km, which is enough to drive from Seoul to Busan and back 13 times. Participants of Tour Korea for College Students will laugh, build friendships, and make memories that will last a lifetime with the people they meet along the way. But the greatest benefit for Tour Korea for College Students participants is the ""confidence of having overcome themselves and the exhilaration of discovering a new self.""

Sketch of Tour Korea for College Students

Introduction of Tour Korea for College Students

Event Name
Tour Korea for College Students with BACCHUS
Every April
Late June – Early July every year
How to apply
Online application ( (for both domestic and international students)
Participant selection
Document review, lottery, and physical examination
Number of participants
144 Total (72 male, 72 female)

Marronnier Women's Writing Contest

Marronnier Women's Writing Contest is a writing contest for women organized by the Arts Council Korea since 1983 and sponsored by the Susuk Culture Foundation, Dong-A Pharmaceutical, and Dong-A ST to expand the scope of Korean literature and discover female literaries. This contest is open to all women and awards cash prizes and certificates for poetry, prose, and children's literature.

‘Merry’ Sponsorship

In 2020, Dong-A Pharmaceutical signed a sponsorship agreement with Culture and Arts Volunteer Corps Merry to contribute to the spread of cultural and artistic values by supporting cultural organizations. Dong-A Pharmaceutical supports the costs of cultural volunteer performances and charity concerts, while Merry and the Korea Mecenat Association organize and conduct cultural performances led by youth and university students for citizens and local communities.

One TEMPO Warmer

Since 2021, Dong-A Pharmaceutical has been running the One TEMPO Warmer Campaign, which donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of TEMPO Pure Cotton Pads to sponsorship programs for women and youth from low-income families. It also delivered feminine hygiene products to Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, and Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, to help local female adolescents with their periods.

  • G Foundation

    We have a sponsorship agreement with the G Foundation, which sponsors goods for female adolescents in isolated areas of the country, to sponsor goods once a year.

  • Sangju-si

    We have a sponsorship agreement with Sangju-si, Gyeongbuk, and sponsor goods to female adolescents in Sangju-si once a quarter.

  • Dongdaemun-gu

    We have a sponsorship agreement with Dongdaemun-gu, and sponsor goods to female adolescents through 14 organizations linked to Dongdaemun-gu once a quarter.

1 Company 1 Barrack Sponsorship

The 1 Company 1 Barrack Sponsorship program has signed business agreements with the Army Training Center, the 3rd Military Academy, the 51st Division, and the 3rd Armored Corps to establish a civil-military cooperation system to achieve common development. With these agreements, we provide free BACCHUS to all army recruits and trainees every year after marching training, support visits for soldiers, and fulfill mutual cooperation through friendly exchanges at various events.

Susuk Culture Foundation

The Susuk Culture Foundation is a scholarship foundation established to foster responsible talents who know how to work for the common good. The Susuk Scholarship, established on May 13, 1987, was dramatically reorganized in 1998 (the 60th anniversary of Dong-A Pharmaceutical) to reach its current state. The Susuk Culture Foundation runs scholarship programs for high school and university students who excel academically and are exemplary, as selected by their school principals. Since its establishment in 1987, 1,967 scholarship recipients have received support from the Susuk Culture Foundation, totaling 3.9 billion won by 2022. In addition, it sponsors the Hamchun Dong-A Medical Award and the Pharmacist Gold Tower Award as academic programs, and the Marronnier Women's Writing Contest as a cultural program.

Sangju School

The Sangju School Foundation opened in 1954 with six classes. The school flower is the magnolia, the school tree is the pine tree, and the school motto is "Learn rightly and live truly."
In 1964, Kang Jung-Hee served as the fourth chairman of the board of directors, laying the foundation for full-scale development. In 1977, Kang Shin-Ho (honorary chairman of Dong-A Socio Group) took over as the eighth chairman of the board of directors, establishing the school as a representative prestigious school in the northwestern region of Gyeongsangbuk-do by improving the internal and external educational environment.

:D-style Walking

:D-style Walking is a contactless donation campaign in which all employees of Dong-A Socio Group voluntarily participate. It was created to promote employee health and foster healthy donations with the Big Walk, a user-participatory walking donation platform, when social contribution activities shifted to contactless due to COVID-19. This campaign started in 2021 and has been conducted twice a year, and 4,983 employees have participated for around two years.

BacWen Day Sponsorship

BacWen Day is short for "Wednesdays with BACCHUS," a campaign in which Dong-A Pharmaceutical provides BACCHUS to the Dongdaemun Senior Citizens Welfare Center for the elderly in Dongdaemun-gu and for welfare centers every Wednesday. BacWen Day Sponsorship has been conducted since 2017, and we have sponsored goods for seniors at the Dongdaemun Senior Citizens Welfare Center so they can enjoy BACCHUS after lunch every Wednesday.

Sharing Joys and Sorrows

Sharing Joys and Sorrows is a social contribution activity that aims to improve disability awareness and the social integration of people with developmental disabilities through an outing event that brings together Dong Socio Group employees and adults with developmental disabilities. It brought our employees and people with disabilities together to watch the Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics (2018) and visit amusement parks (2019) to create a place for communication and harmony.

Babfor Sharing Campaign

Since 2005, Dong-A Socio Group has participated in the Babfor Sharing Campaign, a campaign in which employee volunteers visit the free meal donation center and donate money and goods. The Babfor Sharing Campaign is an activity that supports the elderly, homeless, and other needy neighbors who come to us for a meal, and the donations are used to purchase winter clothes for the elderly and homeless with limited mobility.

Mural Painting

Mural painting is a volunteer activity in which Dong-A Socio Group employees participate to create pleasant streets in local communities. The Mural Painting volunteer program, which has been running since 2019 to contribute to community development with Dongdaemun-gu, has transformed dark alleys into cozy ones through communication with neighbors.

Share the Love Bazaar

Since 2009, the Share the Love Bazaar has been hosted by Dong-A Pharmaceutical and sponsored by Dong-A Socio Holdings and Dong-A Otsuka. It is an event where local residents come together to help those in need and practice charity. During this bazaar, participants sell various products, including health supplements, mouthwash, household items, and Dong-A Otsuka beverages at prices lower than the market rates. The proceeds from the sales are then donated to the Dongdaemun District Social Welfare Council to support low-income families and individuals facing social marginalization.

Leveling the World

Since 2019, Dong-A Pharmaceutical and Dong-A ST have conducted the Leveling the World Project together with the Dongdaemun Welfare Center for the Handicapped and the Dongdaemun-gu Pharmaceutical Society. This is a social contribution activity to install ramps at the entrances of pharmacies in Dongdaemun-gu to support the healthy lives of the people with impaired mobility by increasing accessibility and convenience for the mobility impaired, including those in wheelchairs.

Eat Your Breakfast Support Program

The Eat Your Breakfast Support Program is a program that provides breakfast to children and adolescents who do not have access to breakfast in the local school system, to help reduce absenteeism and promote a healthy school life. In 2020, Dong-A Pharmaceutical signed a business agreement with the Dongbu District Office of Education to sponsor oral care products and dietary supplements every year for the students' oral hygiene and health care.

Environmental and Life Love for Youth

The Environmental and Life Love Classroom for Youth, which was launched in 2005 to educate adolescents about the importance of the environment and to foster environmental experts, is an event where 60 participants (30 male and 30 female junior high school students) spend four days and five nights in nature learning about the importance of the environment and how to practice environmental protection. For adolescents grappling with intense competition in college admissions, this event serves as a reminder of the significance of seemingly insignificant elements like a blade of grass or a tiny insect that might otherwise go unnoticed. It provides participants with the opportunity to immerse themselves in natural ecosystems, including mountains and rivers, fostering discussions with their peers.

Sketch of Environmental and Life Love Classroom for Youth

Introduction of Environmental and Life Love Classroom for Youth

This event aids children in understanding that as the environment becomes more polluted, precious life faces the risk of extinction. It emphasizes that by taking care of the environment, we can safeguard tiny living creatures. Through the Environmental and Life Love Classroom for Youth, we aim to instill the spirit of respecting life. It goes beyond a mere volunteer experience of picking up trash and recycling; it becomes a hands-on approach to protect living creatures in the environment.

SAVE 2 SAVE Campaign

Dong-A Pharmaceutical's SAVE 2 SAVE Campaign is a campaign to raise funds for the protection of endangered animals using the profits from Garglin for Children. It was launched in 2021 through a tripartite business agreement between Dong-A Pharmaceutical, Seoul National University Park, and the National Trust for the Natural Environment, to SAVE oral health by using Garglin for Children and to SAVE endangered animals by supporting endangered animal conservation projects with sales proceeds. In 2021 and 2022, Dong-A Pharmaceutical donated protection funds, and in 2022 and 2023, Dong-A Socio Group employees and their children volunteered for the SAVE 2 SAVE campaign at Seoul National University Park.

Collect waste medicines

Dong-A Pharmaceutical signed a Healthy and Safe Accompaniment business agreement to collect waste medicines. This campaign is designed to contribute to public health and environmental protection by collecting waste medicines generated at home. Under the agreement, Dong-A Pharmaceutical is responsible for providing collection boxes and related supplies as well as administrative support in consultation with local governments and pharmacies. Yongma Logis is responsible for collecting, storing, and delivering waste medicines from pharmacies to incinerators, and the Korea Pharmaceutical Association is responsible for encouraging pharmacists to participate through local pharmacies and conducting promotional activities to ensure smooth collection of waste medicines from pharmacies. The waste medicine collection agreement was signed first with Dangjin City, Chungcheongnam-do in October 2021, and then with Wonju City, Gangwon-do in March 2022.

Earth Recovery Campaign

Since 2021, Dong-A Socio Group has been conducting the Earth Recovery Resource Recycling Campaign with the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement. The Earth Recovery Resource Recycling Campaign is designed to raise awareness of the importance of resource recycling and encourage people to take action in their daily lives, ultimately creating a sustainable environment. With 100 million won in donations from :D-Style Walking, we are building a 100% Recycling Station that can intensively manage the process of separating and collecting recyclables in residential areas.

Volunteer Pharmacy Truck

The Volunteer Pharmacy Truck is a mobile pharmacy created by the Korea Pharmaceutical Association and Dong-A Socio Group. It is used to quickly help people in affected areas during disasters and catastrophes, and to support Dong-A Socio Group's social contribution activities during normal times. Starting with sponsoring safety kits for victims of the 2017 Pohang earthquake, it has provided daily necessities and medicines for victims of the 2019 Gangwon Province wildfires, the 2020 COVID-19 National Living Treatment Center, flooded areas due to summer torrential rains, and the 2022 Uljin wildfires.

Supporting children with leukemia

Since 2018, Dong-A Socio Group has been conducting a project to support the medical expenses of children with leukemia. Dong-A Socio Group donates to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation to help children with leukemia beat cancer and return to a healthy life. In particular, in 2021, we increased the scale of the sponsorship by donating 100 million won from the healthy donation campaign :D-Style Walking, in which Dong-A Socio Group employees participate by walking, and 10 million won each from professional golfers Park Sang-hyun, Ham Jeong-woo, and Lee Dong-min, who are sponsored by Dong-A Socio Group.

Supporting Cambodia Hebron Hospital

Cambodia Hebron Mission Hospital was founded in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2007 to provide medical care to Cambodians suffering from disease. To return the love we've received in Cambodia and contribute to the improvement of health and welfare, Dong-A Socio Holdings is providing support for medicine and medical supplies, education, research, and medical treatment activities for missionary activities.