Dong-A Pharmaceutical

Korea's representative Energy drink


Brand Introduction

"Korea's representative fatigue remedy"

Bacchus developed to safeguard people's health
and help them recover from fatigue.

Evolving from its initial pill form to its current drink formulation, Bacchus has become a legendary presence in the Korean pharmaceutical industry, with cumulative sales exceeding 23.3 billion bottles since 1963 (as of 2023). Bacchus has also made a significant impact on the Korean advertising industry by introducing a series of advertisements that resonate with the times and promote a positive influence based on "sympathy and humanism."

1963 Heritage

Since its introduction as a drink in 1963, Bacchus has been Korea's representative fatigue remedy for over 60 years.

2,000 mg Taurine

Taurine, an essential amino acid for life, is a key component of Bacchus D, with 2,000mg in each bottle.

20 countries Global

Bacchus has proven its competitiveness in the global market, with successful exports to 20 countries including Cambodia.