Dong-A Pharmaceutical

HSE(Safety, Health, Environment)

We contribute to the society through safety,
health, and environment-centered (HSE) management.

HSE Management Message
Environmental Sector

Since adopting our management philosophy in 2018, we have consistently strived to uphold corporate social responsibility as outlined in our charter. The implementation of the seven major themes of ISO 26000, a globally recognized standard for corporate social responsibility, has been a cornerstone of our commitment, and we will persist in these efforts to embody our management philosophy.

Specifically within the environmental sector, while our focus has traditionally centered on direct emissions (Scope 1) and indirect emissions (Scope 2), our evolving strategy now includes the addition of other indirect emissions (Scope 3). This comprehensive approach aims to redefine and broaden our management practices. While our environmental efforts have primarily focused on indicator management, we anticipate a shift towards goal-setting and the active pursuit of environmental activities in the future.

Excerpt from Dong-A Socio Group's management message May 2022
Occupational Safety and Health Sector

In the realm of occupational safety and health, the importance of systematic regulations, on-site operability, and habituation cannot be overstated. As such, we recognize the necessity for a gradual expansion and approach, achieved through the selective and concentrated execution of safety and health activities. This approach is crucial to prevent formalistic and superficial behaviors and ensure a meaningful impact.

Excerpt from the statement of the management officer (CEO) December 2023
SHE Management Strategy
Safety/Health/Environment Goals

Dong-A Pharmaceutical has established and operates strategic goals to comply with the environmental management system and safety and health management system at all business sites.

  • Establish a zero-injury
  • Detect and respond to regulatory changes
  • Promote the safety and health of temporary workers
  • Reduce power consumption by switching to high-efficiency equipment
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Safety/Health/Environment Policies

To foster proper and healthy growth, Dong-A Pharmaceutical has introduced an Environmental Safety and Health (HSE) management system. This system aims to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts, promote positive environmental contributions, prevent work-related injuries and health disorders among our workforce, and ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Recognizing the centrality of environment, safety, and health in our management, we are committed to establishing and actively implementing policies that prioritize environmental protection and social contribution.

  1. 01
    Consider environment, safety, and health as the center of our management and practice accordingly.
  2. 02
    Actively respond to climate change, manage waste effectively, preserve ecosystems, and optimize resource utilization to protect the environment.
  3. 03
    Strengthen environmental safety and health awareness through regular education and training, systematically establish goals and implementation plans, and engage in continuous improvement activities.
  4. 04
    Take a leading role in adhering to HSE-related laws and norms, establishing and reinforcing the EHS management system across all levels and departments.
  5. 05
    Communicate HSE-related information with all members and stakeholders, identify stakeholder requirements, and incorporate them into our EHS management system.
  6. 06
    All members, including partner companies, actively contribute to the creation and establishment of a self-sustaining and practicable environmental safety and health culture.
Operating System
Operational Organization

Dong-A Pharmaceutical has established and operates strategic goals to comply with the environmental management system and safety and health management system at all business sites.

HSE Committee
of the council
Head of the
management team
  • Production Production Management Team
    Production Support Team
  • Management Human Resources Team
    Operation Management Team
  • Research R&D Center
  • Sales BACCHUS Sales Strategy Team
  • Occupational Safety and Health Committee
    Cheonan Plant Dangjin Plant Icheon Plant
Operational Activities
Occupational Safety and Health Activities
Enhancing operating system
  • Operation of HSE Council under the Social Value Committee
  • Operation of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee
Management of employees' health and prevention of diseases
  • Employee health counseling
  • Normal/special health examinations
  • Working environment surveys
  • Work stress counseling
Building a culture of workplace safety
  • Risk assessments (regular/occasional)
  • Regular inspection and improvement of safety at workplaces (identifying potential risks)
  • Hazardous equipment safeguards and safety certification
Preventing prime contractor and subcontractor disasters
  • Operating Council
  • Walk-around inspection of workplace
  • Joint health and safety inspections
Safe chemical management
  • Appointment of hazardous chemicals managers
  • Compliance with handling standards
Emergency preparedness drills
  • Fire and hazardous chemical evacuation drills
Environmental Activities
Reusing water and reduction of wastewater discharge
  • Reuse of Rinser wash water
  • Reuse of RO concentrate
  • Reduction of generation of purified water, concentrate, and wastewater
Activities to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Installation of high-efficiency boilers, standard consumption efficiency transformers, and solar panels
  • Aggregation of GHG emissions data and third-party verification
  • Replacement of LED lights
Responding to environmental incidents
  • Creation of contingency scenarios for hazardous chemical, refrigerant, and gas spills
Renewable energy
  • Saving energy by replacing LNG boiler for steam production to incinerator steam
  • Installation of solar panels and EV charging stations
Managing the water environment
  • Voluntary river monitoring activities
Reducing waste
  • Management of Waste Allbaro System and separation of recyclables
Hazardous chemicals
  • Compliance with the Handling Standards of Chemical Control Act
Operational Status
Operational Status
Category Date History
1 April 2020 Social Value Committee – Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment Council (subcommittee) launched
2 June 2020 Selected environment protection strategic tasks
3 Aug. 2020 Established council organization and operating regulations
4 Dec. 2020 Reporting of operational performance in 2020
5 April 2021 Changes to the organization and member appointments/removals (HSE Council) Identified conditions of each office of HSE Council"
6 May 2021 Established operating regulations and plans for HSE Council
7 June 2021 Developed the ESG metrics (for environment)
8 Oct. 2022 Dangjin Plant obtained certifications (ISO 14001 & 45001)
Operational Activities and Performance
Operational Activities and Performance
Category 2022 2021 2020
Water use (tons) 445,335 421,878 343,880
GHG emissions (tCO₂ eq) 15,542 12,352 10,378
GHG emissions Scope 1 (tCO₂ eq) 3,449 3,666 3,798
GHG emissions Scope 2 (tCO₂ eq) 11,715 8,546 6,580
GHG emissions Scope 3 (tCO₂ eq) 378 140 0
GHG unit emissions (intensity) (tCO₂ eq/100 million won) 2.7 2.8 2.5
Energy use (TJ) 331 605 247
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