Dong-A Pharmaceutical

For your family's gargle


Brand Introduction

"Gargle for ALL, the right way"
Garglin, our long-running mouthwash brand
since 1982, offers the perfect oral care solution

Garglin, brand with a name combining
the onomatopoeia "gargling" and the pronunciation of "clean",
was the first liquid mouthwash launched in Korea in 1982.
We create quality products with safe ingredients
to make oral care easy for anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Experience the total oral solution from Garglin,
the leading mouthwash brand.

1982 Since

Garglin, the pioneering
liquid mouthwash,
was first introduced in Korea in 1982.

30 sec Easy

Garglin makes it easy to prevent
cavities just in 30 seconds,
anywhere, anytime.

30B KRW Sales

Garglin surpassed 30 billion KRW
in sales revenue in 2020.

No. 1 Awareness

Garglin is the No. 1 brand
in the domestic mouthwash market of Korea.