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We create a sustainable virtuous cycle.

Social Value Management Message

As we step into the auspicious year of the Blue Dragon, symbolizing strength, luck, and prosperity, I extend my heartfelt wishes for good health and success in all your business endeavors.

In recent times, the global division of labor structure has faced challenges due to heightened trade competition and increased protectionism among major countries. Additionally, there's a growing instability in the supply of raw materials. The introduction of various supply chain regulations, primarily by the EU, underscores the increasing importance of supply chain management for sustainable growth.

In response to these dynamics, Dong-A Socio Group announced the Supply Chain Management Code of Conduct last year, marking the initial stride towards effective supply chain management. We actively sought the opinions of stakeholders across various fields, addressing concerns related to anti-corruption, human rights, labor practices, and environmental impact.

Building upon this foundation, Dong-A Pharmaceutical is committed to elevating group-level supply chain management and establishing a sustainable supply chain management system this year. To realize this vision, we will meticulously identify the supply chains for key products and services, conducting comprehensive risk assessments. Furthermore, we are taking a proactive step by registering an ESG self-assessment checklist on our compliance management homepage. This will empower stakeholders to engage in self-assessment and actively participate in enhancing their own compliance. Dong-A Pharmaceutical is dedicated to providing support to stakeholders in addressing any identified deficiencies.

Looking ahead to 2024, Dong-A Pharmaceutical is steadfast in adhering to the fundamental principles of fair trade, anchored in robust anti-corruption management. We will enhance our partner support system, fostering shared growth with our business stakeholders through intensified communication across various online and offline channels. We sincerely ask for your continued interest and active participation in our journey.

January 2024
Dong-A Pharmaceutical CEO and President Sang-Hwan, Baek
Social Value Management Strategy
  • 2020~2021

    It implies an objective of achieving internal and external recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic Also addressing the psychological wounds inflicted by issues of inequality and irrationality within the domain of social values.

  • 2022

    Safety in the sense of maintaining the restored health Safety means ensuring the psychological, physical, and social safety of our stakeholders and employees.

  • 2023 – Present

    Committed to protecting the environment in which we live It is the social value of our time that must be preserved for future generations.

What is Social Value Management?

In April 2020, Dong-A Pharmaceutical launched the Social Value Committee to create a virtuous cycle of social value creation. We established seven councils for sustainable management, chaired by the president, and appointed chairpersons of each council as executive-level managers.

Seven councils, including CCM (Consumer), HSE (Environment/Industry Safety/Health), Fair Operation, Information Protection, Eco-friendly, Social Contribution, and Human Rights Policies are engaged in various value-creating activities to practice sustainable management.

Social value management system diagram
Operating System
Operational Organization
Key Performance
  • Garglin products with eco-friendly packaging
  • Waste medicine collection bins placed in pharmacies
  • 02
    • Social Value Committee Operation Plan was presented to the Board of Directors.
  • 06
    • the Dong-A Socio Group Integrated Report, encompassing Dong-A Pharmaceutical's ESG operation cases, was published.
  • 07
    • the first executive committee was held.
  • 08
    • the inaugural Secretariat Council (Team Leader) meeting was held.
  • 10
    • the second Secretariat Council (Team Leader) meeting was held.
  • 12
    • Dong-A Pharmaceutical reported the results of its ISO 26000 diagnosis to the Group Social Responsibility Council (DSC).
  • 01
    • the inaugural Secretariat Council (team leaders) meeting convened.
  • 02
    • the first full council meeting was held.
    • the Social Value Committee's operational plan was presented to the board of directors
  • 03
    • the selection of key strategic task changes, with a focus on : maintaining waste medicine collection and altering the recycling campaign.
  • 04
    • Dong-A Socio Group participated in the regular meeting of the ESG Planning Bureau.
  • 05
    • Dong-A Pharmaceutical shared ISO 26000 assessment results.
    • the second Secretariat Council (team leaders) meeting was held.
  • 06
    • Dong-A Socio Group's Integrated Report was released : Featuring Dong-A Pharmaceutical's Social Value Management.
  • 07
    • the second full council meeting convened.
    • the Social Value Committee's H1 report was presented to the board of directors.
  • 08
    • the third Secretariat Council (team leaders) meeting was held.
  • 01
    • the fourth full council meeting convened.
  • 02
    • 2020 Operating Results and the 2021 Operating Plan was presented (to the board of directors).
  • 04
    • the fifth full council meeting convened.
    • changes to organization and member appointments/removals : Changed council organization: leading to a shift from 8 councils to 7 councils)
    • the Secretariat Council was organized and the regular meeting was held.
  • 07
    • Social Value Homepage was created.
  • 04
    • the Social Value Committee was launched.
    • the 2020 Operational Plan was presented (to the board of directors and CEO).
    • the first full council meeting took place.
  • 07
    • the second full council meeting convened.
    • key strategic tasks were selected : emphasizing a waste medicine collection campaign and the application of eco-friendly product packaging.
  • 10
    • the third full council meeting was held.
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