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Manage of your cycle with TEMPO!


Brand Introduction

"One Tempo, Elevating Sophistication"
TEMPO creates menstrual products designed
for the comfort of every woman,
empowering them to embrace their period with confidence.

The brand name "TEMPO" embodies the brisk footsteps of women who persist in their activities, even during their menstrual period, finding comfort in maintaining their daily routines. Since 1977, when we introduced our first insertable menstrual product, the tampon, we've been committed to researching feminine products with the motto "User-Centered Convenience" and "Uncompromising Safety" to expand our line of menstrual products.

1977 Since

TEMPO is a brand that has been making history since the 1970s, a time when tampons were not yet prevalent.

No.1 Awareness

As the No. 1 tampon brand in South Korea, TEMPO is expanding its market influence as a comprehensive menstrual product brand.

20B KRW Sales

After reaching 10 billion KRW in sales revenue in 2019, we achieved remarkable results, surpassing 20 billion KRW in sales revenue in 2021.