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We will realize coexistence
and cultivate trust through effective compliance management.

Compliance Management Message

Dong-A Pharmaceutical places integrity management at the core of its operations and actively practices compliance management.

In April 2017, the CEO assumed the role of compliance manager, leading the establishment of a dedicated department known as the Compliance Management Team. This team focuses on implementing robust processes for compliance management, including the Compliance Program and ABMS (Anti-bribery Management System). Our commitment to the introduction, construction, and ongoing management of these systems is unwavering.

A significant milestone was achieved in 2019 when we obtained ISO 37001 certification, an international standard, from the British Standards Institute (BSI). This certification has not only enhanced our internal and external credibility concerning anti-corruption efforts but has also positioned compliance management as a fresh and vital paradigm for our company's sustainable management.

Recent developments have seen compliance management being redefined as a standard applicable to all executives and employees. It extends beyond the company's internal and external environment, encompassing CEO leadership, corporate management, and employee behavior.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical is committed to establishing compliance management as a prerequisite for advancing as a ""Global Healthcare Player,"" securing distinctive competitiveness across all Business Portfolios. This endeavor is grounded by all executives and employees enacting the right attitude and behavior in every situation. For more detailed information, please visit the Compliance Management website.

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