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German Premium Health functional food


Brand Introduction

"The crystal of German micronutrient research"
Exploring ORTHOMOL, an innovative nutraceutical brand
born out of pioneering orthomolecular research in 1991.

The term "Orthomol" implies that the correct (ortho) identification and supplementation of micronutrients, which are absorbed by the body on a molecular basis, is essential for good health. Since its establishment in Germany in 1991, Orthomol has been dedicated to developing products grounded in scientific evidence and proven quality. These products provide essential micronutrients, including vitamin C, vitamins A, B, E, K, zinc, selenium, and folic acid, formulated for optimal absorption.

35 countries Global

ORTHOMOL is a premium brand of health-functional foods that are exported to 35 countries around the world.

100% Germany

ORTHOMOL is a global brand of health-functional foods that are produced 100% locally in Germany and officially imported by Dong-A Pharmaceutical.

120B KRW Sales

In 2023, ORTHOMOL achieved record annual sales of 120 billion KRW.

No. 1 Awareness

Winner of the Best Brand for Dietary Supplements in German Pharmacies/'20/'22 Die erfolgreiche Apotheke