Dong-A Pharmaceutical

After getting implants, treat your gums!


Brand Introduction

Combat the No. 1 high-frequency disease in Korea.
-gum disease- with our potent liquid featuring
a patented ingredient blend.

GUMGUARD, for "guarding your gums," aims to make gum care easy and effective.
GUMGUARD Original, the flagship product of the GUMGUARD line, is a liquid mouthwash and contains a patented combination of 5 complex ingredients that can penetrate deep into the curves of the mouth to reduce cavity-causing bacteria on the gums.

Ingredient Patented

Contains a patented 5-complex effective against cavities, bad breath, gingivitis, and periodontitis

10B KRW Sales

In 2023, GUMGUARD reached a milestone of surpassing 10 billion KRW in annual sales.