Dong-A Pharmaceutical

The top-selling cold medicine in pharmacies


Brand Introduction

First cold medicine with the No 1 sales record in Korea.
Panpyrin is Korea's foremost and top selling cold medicine with sales revenue of 40 billion KRW.

Panpyrin was the first medicine created by Dr. Shin-Ho, Kang the honorary chairman of Dong-A Socio Group. Panpyrin has been serving people for 60 years, not only as a cold medicine to take when you're sick, but also as a gift to express your concern to someone or yourself during the cold and windy season.

1961 Since

This is a drug created shortly after the Korean War (1950–1953) at a time when many people suffered greatly from even mild colds.

No. 1 Early cold

Early cold medicine with No. 1 sales record in Korea

2.8 bottles Sales

Panpyrin is sold at a rate of 2.8 bottles* every second.
*Annual sales volume in 2021 per year (31,536,000 sec)