Dong-A Pharmaceutical


In continuation of our founding spirit,
We uphold and practice Jeong-Do Management.

Overview Jeong-Do (鼎道經營) Management,
Dong-A Pharmaceutical's founding spirit

Dong-A Socio Group's Jeong-Do management has redefined the term. Instead of the commonly used character "ethical (正),"" Dong-A has chosen ""cauldron (鼎)" symbolizing the unique founding spirit crafted by the late Chairman Kang Joong-Hee. This distinctive symbol embodies the group's distinctive approach to management. Dong-A Pharmaceutical will remain dedicated to leading socially responsible management, diligently adhering to the founding spirit and management philosophy encapsulated in Jeong-Do Management.

Caldron ‘Jeong’(鼎)
an iron caldron with
three feet and two ears
History and Heritage
  • 1932 Ethical, Sincerity, Solicitude
  • 1975 Creative, Co-work, Serve
  • 2024 Innovation, Change, Trust, Growth
1932 Ethical, Sincerity, Solicitude

Kang Joong-Hee, the founder and chairman, served guests in his house with rice cooked in a cauldron. His warm heart became the foundation for 90 years of Dong-A Group's Jeong-Do Management.

  • Solicitude
  • Sincerity
  • Ethical
1975 Creative, Co-work, Serve

When the honorary chairman Kang Shin-Ho was inaugurated as president in 1975, he announced a mission statement centered on social responsibility, grounded in the values of integrity, sincerity, and consideration. Jeong-Do management encapsulates the essence of socially responsible management.

  • Serve
  • Co-work
  • Creative
2024 Innovation, Change, Trust, Growth

Dong-A Pharmaceutical will continue to follow the international standards of corporate social responsibility and adopt unique methodologies and practical metrics to realize human rights management, environmental management, compliance management, customer-centered management, and social responsibility.

  • Growth
  • Trust
  • Change
  • Innovation

In our commitment to social justice, we take the lead in actualizing the values of happiness and sharing for both our employees and community members.

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