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Key Status

We are always supporting your healthy life.

Our founding spirit of "contributing to people's health by producing good medicines" has been the most important belief that has driven Dong-A Pharmaceutical since 1932.
We will constantly strive to realize better health for our consumers.

  • Establishment 1932
  • Revenue in 2023 631B KRW
  • No. of employees (2023) 1,012
  • Operating Profit in 2023 (YoY 18.5%) 79.6B KRW
  • Revenue CAGR (2021-2023) 20.1%
  • Sales quantity of Bacchus (B bottles) 23.3
R&D Center

A research organization specializing in total healthcare solutions

Children's Health Research Center

Approaching research with a parent's heart, we develop products for children.

Derma Research Center

Our experts in over-the-counter medicine and cosmetics concentrate on promoting skin health.

Our leading Brands

We work together our consumers on their journey toward a healthy life.

We work together our consumers on their journey toward a healthy life.


Jeong-Do management is socially responsible and progressive.

We will earnestly fulfill our corporate social responsibility, contributing to the creation of a brighter, warmer society.

Dong-A Socio Group's Jeong-Do management redefines social responsibility, opting for "cauldron jeong (鼎)"
instead of the conventional "ethical jeong (正)" to symbolize our group's unique founding spirit.

At Dong-A Socio Group, our management philosophy of "Jeong-Do management" embodies our commitment to "socially responsible management."